Beautiful Napa Wedding

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What a privilege for us to be able to photograph Annie and Long’s wedding in the beautiful Napa, California.  The budding vineyards and vast fields make a beautiful backdrop.  We were also fortunate enough to photograph the bride and groom with their bridal party at the GORGEOUS Castello di Amarosa { Castle of Love }.  An intimate wedding with just a few friends and family, it however was not short of love and laughter.  We wish Annie and Long many many great years to come!

Hien and Mark | Wedding

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We are very fortunate to not only have the pleasure to photograph Hien and Mark’s special day, but an honor to call them friends.  We had the chance to visit them in Colorado to shoot their engagement session where Hien and Mark welcomed us into their home with open arms.  It is not often that you meet someone with the EXACT same birthday as you, I think that’s why Hien and I clicked!  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and heartfelt.  With so many beautiful memories that day, we must say the highlight would be when Mark broke down to tears when he saw his beautiful bride walked down the aisle.  We’re sure that there were many wet eyes that day as well.  With the wedding came and went way too fast, we hope these photos will remind them of this lovely day for the years to come.

So Cal with a touch of Texas | Engagement

Crystal Cove Engagement-001 Crystal Cove Engagement-011 Crystal Cove Engagement-013 Crystal Cove Engagement-028 Crystal Cove Engagement-008 Crystal Cove Engagement-009 Crystal Cove Engagement-027 Crystal Cove Engagement-024 Crystal Cove Engagement-003 Crystal Cove Engagement-005 Crystal Cove Engagement-004 Crystal Cove Engagement-033 Crystal Cove Engagement-019 Crystal Cove Engagement-020 Crystal Cove Engagement-031 Crystal Cove Engagement-026 Crystal Cove Engagement-022 Crystal Cove Engagement-010 Crystal Cove Engagement-023 Crystal Cove Engagement-034 Crystal Cove Engagement-021 Crystal Cove Engagement-002 Crystal Cove Engagement-025Crystal Cove Engagement-007Crystal Cove Engagement-029Crystal Cove Engagement-017Crystal Cove Engagement-032Crystal Cove Engagement-016Crystal Cove Engagement-030Crystal Cove Engagement-015Crystal Cove Engagement-014Crystal Cove Engagement-006

The bride-to-be, Kristine is a great friend all the way back to High School. We have not seen each other for thirteen years so needless to say, I was ecstatic to reconnect again.  It was a special reunion since we are both engaged pretty much the same time.  We had such a blast shooting for Kristine and Stuart at Crystal Cove, California.  The future bride is a So Cal girl while the future groom hails from Texas.  Therefore, Kristine asked me for a way to incorporate both Southern California AND Texas in the photo-shoot.  Well nothing screams So Cal more than our sunny beaches, and to add the little Texan touch, I think the cowboy boots and his hat has done the job. We love this couple and wish them the best that a marriage life could bring.

Pasadena City Hall Engagement


Pasadena Engagement-023Pasadena Engagement-038Pasadena Engagement-035Pasadena Engagement-004Pasadena Engagement-002Pasadena Engagement-030Pasadena Engagement-032Pasadena Engagement-025Pasadena Engagement-015Pasadena Engagement-024Pasadena Engagement-037Pasadena Engagement-028Pasadena Engagement-040Pasadena Engagement-022Pasadena Engagement-029Pasadena Engagement-021Pasadena Engagement-036Pasadena Engagement-041Pasadena Engagement-016Pasadena Engagement-005Pasadena Engagement-033Pasadena Engagement-034Pasadena Engagement-011Pasadena Engagement-009Pasadena Engagement-012Pasadena Engagement-010Pasadena Engagement-026Pasadena Engagement-001

What a joy photographing Hoa and Charles at their favorite spot! The Pasadena City Hall.  It is always our priority to make sure that our shoot location(s) mean something to our couple.  We can see why they chose the Pasadena City Hall! what a gorgeous venue with so many photo opportunities.  Hoa and Charles’s outfits were perfect for our Fuji 400ProH film we used that day.  We’re glad they are happy with the photos, and we cannot wait until their Big Day in June!

Rustic California Wedding

We are still swooned over this beautiful rustic barn-house wedding in Huntington Beach, CA between Kimi and David. The talented bride with the help of her friends coordinated a gorgeous setting with tons of assorted flowers and foliages.  We did a touching first-look session where David waited anxiously to see his bride for the first time in her customized wedding dress.  The stunning bouquet was put together by the bride herself! The weather was rather chilling near the coast in the middle of November, but their warmth and love for each other was definitely felt through these timeless images.